Official Zoning Map

The City of Lake Worth Beach Zoning Map is a graphical representation that organizes Lake Worth Beach's urban landscape into distinct zones, each designated for specific land use purposes and regulations.

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Development Projects Map

This map provides information about Development Projects in Lake Worth Beach. The above image is just a representation, Please Click the map link below to see the full map.

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Historic Districts Map

The City of Lake Worth Beach Historic Districts Map is a visual depiction that highlights and demarcates the historically significant areas within the city.

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Future Land Use Map

The Future Land Use Map (FLUM) for the City of Lake Worth Beach envisions a dynamic and sustainable urban landscape that enhances the city's unique coastal charm, fosters community well-being, and supports responsible growth.

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All City Maps

To view all of the Maps the City's GIS team has created please use the link below!

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Example of small city.