LIfeguard tower, with palm tree and fencing.

Ocean Rescue

Lake Worth Beach Ocean Rescue is a dedicated team of highly trained lifeguards ensuring the safety of beachgoers. With watchful eyes and swift response, they protect and serve, keeping visitors safe from potential risks in the water. Their expertise and commitment create a secure environment, allowing everyone to enjoy the sun, sand, and waves with peace of mind.

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Florida Healthy Beaches

Public Beach closure information, water quality Reports, and Advisories.

Beach Conditions

Check out the local beach conditions

Sargassum Bloom Tracking

This page provides links to Sargassum forecast or outlook bulletins (see link), which are updated routinely.

Beach Flag Warning System

Use the link below to access a larger image of our Beach Flag warning system.

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Rip Currents

  • Rip current speeds vary. Average speeds are 1-2 feet per second, but they have been measured as fast as 8 feet per second—faster than an Olympic swimmer!

  • Rip currents can be very narrow or more than 50 yards wide. 

  • Sometimes a rip current ends just beyond the line of breaking waves; however, others may continue to flow hundreds of yards offshore. 

  • Rip currents do not pull people under the water—they pull people away from shore. 

  • Rip currents are sometimes mistakenly called undertow or riptides but these terms are not correct. Only the term rip currents is technically correct.

  • Before you leave for the beach, check the latest National Weather Service forecast for local beach conditions

  • When you arrive at the beach, ask lifeguards about rip currents and other hazards.

  • More information about rip currents can be found at the following web sites

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Florida Sea Turtles

The federal Endangered Species Act lists all five species of sea turtles in Florida as either threatened or endangered. In addition, sea turtles are protected by Florida Statute 370.12, the Marine Turtle Protection Act. Anyone found harassing a sea turtle or interfering with the nesting process faces criminal and civil penalties.

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Safety Tips

  • Know how to swim.

  • Never swim alone.

  • If in doubt, don’t go out.

  • Swim near a lifeguard

Beach Safety Awareness

When people think about wildlife in the ocean, they most often think about fish, sharks and dolphins. Those creatures are out there and they form part of a large and diverse group. Click for more info

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sea turtle.