Internal Audit Department

Welcome to the Internal Audit Department (IAD).

The City’s Internal Auditor is focused on assisting the City accomplish its objectives. The Internal Auditor performs audit work that supports effective and efficient city operations, as well as compliance with laws, regulations, and policies.


William Brown, CIA, CGAP
City Internal Auditor

The Internal Auditor is a City Charter position appointed by the City Commission. The mission of the Internal Auditor of the City of Lake Worth Beach is to provide independent, objective assurance designed to add value and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the City’s operations. The Internal Auditor assists the City accomplish its risk management, internal control and governance objectives:

  • Through audits of City operations and contracts;

  • By providing public accountability for the use of City tax dollars;

  • By providing a mechanism to investigate suspected fraud, waste and abuse; and

  • By serving as an independent, objective source of information and advice to the Commission on matters of financial and operational importance. Audit results and activities are reported to each member of the City Commission.

Audit work is generally scheduled a year in advance by means of a risk based Audit Plan. The Internal Audit Department’s vision is to be a highly respected City resource and a catalyst for positive change.


  • Perform audits and provide services to help the City achieve the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency with uncompromised integrity.

  • Promote compliance with laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, contracts, and agreements through reviews and analyses of the City’s services and activities.


  • Promote exceptional systems of internal control.

  • Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Maximize value received from City resources.

  • Provide customer valued audit and consulting services.

  • Meet or exceed recognized auditing standards.

Suspected Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

The Palm Beach County Office of Inspector General has an anonymous hotline for individuals to report suspected fraud, waste, or abuse related to operations controlled or administered by the City. Anonymous complaints can be submitted online at: /oig/rwfa.htm  or by phone at: 1-877-283-7068.

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