Lake Worth Beach Casino from Drone footage.

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Lake Worth Beach’s GIS Team works with all branches of the City, and is responsible for creating, maintaining, and coordinating all GIS efforts for the City’s Departments. Below are Interactive Web Mapping Applications and Static Maps which are used by City Employees as well as being available to the public.

Popular Resources

Development Projects

View information on current development projects and completed projects that were submitted since 2017 within the City of Lake Worth Beach!

Commission District Map

Use this map to find your district and Commissioner. You can also access their contact information and more.

Public Parking Map

Locate public parking (free & metered), and get additional information about parking locations in the City of Lake Worth Beach.

Zip Codes Map

Explore Lake Worth Beach's neighborhoods with our zip codes map, highlighting Zip Codes in and around the City.

View Zip Codes Map

Historic Districts Map

The City of Lake Worth Beach Historic Districts Map is a visual depiction that highlights and demarcates the historically significant areas within the city.

View Historic Districts Map

Official Zoning Map

The City of Lake Worth Beach Zoning Map is a graphical representation that organizes Lake Worth Beach's urban landscape into distinct zones, each designated for specific land use purposes and regulations.

View Official Zoning Map

Future Land Use Map

The Future Land Use Map (FLUM) for the City of Lake Worth Beach envisions a dynamic and sustainable urban landscape that enhances the city's unique coastal charm, fosters community well-being, and supports responsible growth.

View Future Land Use Map

Development Projects Map

This map provides information about Development Projects in Lake Worth Beach. The above image is just a representation, Please Click the map link below to see the full map.

View Development Projects Map

Public Parking Map

Effortlessly find convenient parking spaces throughout the city of Lake Worth Beach with the help of this user-friendly map.

View Public Parking Map

Capital Improvement Projects Map

View Capital Improvement Projects Map

Census Self Response Map

View Census Self Response Map

Cemetery Web Locator Map

View Cemetery Web Locator Map

City Owned Properties Map

View City Owned Properties Map

Code Districts Map

View Code Districts Map

Commission District Map

View Commission District Map

Find my Zone Garbage and Recycling Zone Map

View Find my Zone Garbage and Recycling Zone Map

Flood Zones Map

View Flood Zones Map

Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Area Map

View Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Area Map

Neighborhood Associations Map

View Neighborhood Associations Map

Utilities Service Areas Map

View Utilities Service Areas Map

Cemetery Web Locator

Find lot information on both Lake Worth Beach Cemeteries. Pine Crest and IA Banks. You can view the history, details, resting information, and vacant plots.

View Locator and Tour
Lake worth Beach interactive cemetery tour and info.

The GIS Team at Lake Worth Beach collaborates with every City department, taking charge of the creation, upkeep, and coordination of all GIS initiatives across various City Departments. Our Interactive Web Mapping Applications and Static Maps, utilized by City Employees, are also accessible to the public under the "Important Links" tab.