Restoration St Louis has been working diligently over the summer to prepare a set of construction documents for the restoration of the existing historic hotel. A preliminary set of construction documents was provided to the City in early-October for a cursory review and comment. The preliminary set has been routed to the appropriate members of the Site Plan Review Team. Once the cursory review is complete, comments on the preliminary set will be provided back to Restoration St Louis. The review should be completed by early November.

In the meantime, Restoration St Louis has submitted a final plat for review and approval by the City. The final plat also includes the establishment of new access/ingress/egress and utility easements and will facilitate separate parcels for the historic hotel and new hotel addition, both of which will be owned by the same overall entity. The final plat was reviewed by the Historic Resources Preservation Board at its meeting on November 8 and will be reviewed by the City Commission at its December 5, 2023 meeting.

Public noticing and mailers will be forthcoming to property owners in the general vicinity regarding the City Commission’s consideration of the necessary easements including releasing existing easements and establishing new ones. A formal building permit application will follow and is anticipated by the end of the calendar year.