Virtual Rec Program – Trivia

Guideline and Game Rules

Please utilize this guideline for LWB’s Virtual Trivia.

  1. Participant’s must pre-register on Lake Worth Beach’s Recreation Website.
  2. We will be using Zoom as the Video-calling platform. Please have the most updated app version, if you are using an app.
  3. This is a family friendly Trivia Game. Please be conscious of others in the activity.
  4. Game Rules:
    • There will be 1 test question, before the start of the game that will not count for the teams’ points total.
    • Each question will allow for 60 seconds to turn in the answer.
      • If clarification is needed, the 60 seconds will begin once the specific clarification has concluded.
      • During the 60 seconds, music will play, at the 10 second mark, the music will slowly fade out to signify time is up.
    • Cheating and looking up answers online by anyone in the vicinity will not be allowed.
      • If caught, the guilty team will be given a warning and no points will be earned for the current question.
      • If caught a second time, the team will be disqualified and not allowed to continue.
    • In order to turn in an answer, participants will need to message the host individually by using the chat feature.
    • In between each round, participants will be told their current Round Totals. If there is a discrepancy, it must be addressed before the following round of questions commences.
    • Double Jeopardy: When this occurs, a team may bet up to their maximum earned points. If they do not get the question right they lose the points. If they do get the answer right, they will double the amount of points initially bet.
      1. This cannot occur in the first round.
    • Triple Point Bonus: In this instance, getting a correct answer will triple the point earnings.
    • All disputes will be heard and resolved by the Host in the fairest assessment possible.
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