Virtual Activity – Sandcastles

Contest Rules

  1. Participants/Teams:
    • There are two categories for this competition:
      1. Category 1: Families or households
      1. Category 2: Teams up to 4 unrelated members or teams of 4 representing an organization
    • Participants may not be on multiple teams or in multiple categories.
  2. Castles:
    • Piles of sand must be formed by manpower only.
    • Mechanized assistance is not allowed.
    • The sand sculptures must contain only objects natural to the beach (shells, stones, seaweed, etc.)
    • Sandcastles and supporting structures may take up to a general square footage area of 10 ft by 10 ft. There is no height limit.
    • Participants must STAY AWAY from the dunes.
    • Judging Criteria:
      • Attention to Detail
      • Proportionality and Balance
      • Design and creativity
      • Teamwork
  3. Submission Entries:
    • Participants may submit their entry on any of LWB’s official social media platforms:
      • Twitter: @LakeWorthBchPBC
      • IG:        @LakeWorthbeachpbc
      • FB:       City of Lake Worth Beach
    • They must tag Lake Worth Beach as follows and hashtag #LWBVirtualRec
    • Up to 4 pictures are allowed to showcase the Sandcastle. One picture must have the pier or a LWB structure in the background.

  • Competition Winners
    • The Rec Team will choose the Top 10 sandcastles based on the judging criteria provided.
    • The voter’s will get the chance to decide our 2 Category’s Top winners on LWB’s Facebook page.
    • The Top Ten Voting Poll will be posted by Friday. July 24th.

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