Lake Worth Beach
Lake Worth Beach

Road Closure Information: LITERACY COALITION of Palm Beach County 5k Saturday, February 29, 2020

Road Closure Information:

LITERACY COALITION of Palm Beach County 5k

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Race Start: 8:00am
Final Finisher: 9:00am

Begin Road Cone Placement: 6:00am
Removal of Cones complete: 10:00am

PBSO will be positioned for closure of key streets: S. Golfview Rd. at Lake Ave; S. Golfview Rd. at 1st Ave S.; 1st Ave Ocean Breeze; 5th Ave S. at Ocean Breeze; and 18th Ave S. at S. Palm Way.

All intersecting side streets will be blocked with cones as will the above mentioned intersections.

Runners will be on the following roads where vehicular access will be restricted:

  • Golfview Rd. between 1st Ave S.and 2nd Ave S.
  • 1st Ave S. between S. Golfview Rd. and Ocean Breeze
  • Ocean Breeze between 1st Ave S. and 5th Ave S.
  • 5th Ave S. between Ocean Breeze and S. Lakeside Drive
  • Southbound S. Palm Way between 5th Ave S. and 18th Ave S.
  • S. Lakeside Dr. between 5th Ave S. and 18 Ave S.
  • 18th Ave S. between southbound S. Palm Way and S. Lakeside Dr.

Running course Turn By Turn description:

  • Start: Northbound on S. Golfview Rd. between 1st Ave S. and 2nd Ave S.
  • Left turn onto 1st Ave S. running west
  • Left turn from 1st Ave S. onto Ocean Breeze running south
  • Left turn from Ocean Breeze onto 5th Ave S. running east
  • Right turn from 5th Ave S. onto southbound S. Palm Way running south
  • Continue straight south on southbound S. Palm Way until 18th Ave S.
  • Left turn onto 18th Ave S. running east
  • Left turn onto S. Lakeside Dr. running north
  • Continue straight north on S. Lakeside Dr. until 5th Ave S.
  • Right turn onto 5th Ave S. running east
  • Runners transition from the road to the park path starting at S. Lakeside Dr. and 5th Ave S.
  • Runners use the path to run east and then north parallel to the Intracoastal Waterway
  • Left turn off the path at the parking lot to proceed to the finish
  • Finish: Same as the start
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