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Anatomy of a Pothole

pothole diagram

You see them all over the City.  They appear out of nowhere.  You dodge them with your car and think where do they come from & why?

Roads in South Florida are typically constructed of an 8 inch limerock base with a 2 inch layer of asphalt on top.

A Pothole is Born

Potholes occur when the asphalt cracks which allows water to seep into the rock base section.  Water – just like beach erosion – causes the rock base to erode.  When that happens the base cannot support the weight of vehicles and the asphalt breaks apart and forms a pothole.

But what causes cracks in the asphalt in the first place?

  • Heavy trucks
  • High traffic volume
  • Heavy rains & flooding
  • Heat exposure

But wait, another way that potholes form is when the rock base erodes from the bottom-up!  How is this possible?

If a drain pipe or sewer pipe under the roadway leaks – water undermines the pavement creating one or several potholes.

How Do We Fix This Pesky Pothole Problem?
Option 1:  Cold Patch Pavement Repair
Immediate | Short Term Relief | Old Method | Does Not Repair the Base | Asphalt mix is placed in pothole, heated & compacted to fill in the hole.

Option 2:  Full Depth Pavement Repair
Extended Road Life | Replacement of Rock Base in Affected Area | Structural Repair | Limits of base section failure are identified, removed & replaced with new rock base | Hot mix asphalt is then placed over the area preventing new potholes.

Option 3: New Roadway Construction
If a roadway is riddled with potholes, has been patched innumerable times, or has come to the end of its life cycle (approximately 30 years), it is time to consider new roadway construction.

pothole diagram
pothole diaggram
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