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Lake Worth Beach, FL —  In response to the impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the City of Lake Worth Beach is suspending utility disconnections starting today and going through April 30. The Mayor and Commission recognize that as businesses and jobs are reducing staff or closing due to the Emergency Orders from the Federal and State governments relating to stopping the spread of the virus, our citizens finances are and will be affected.  It is especially important that during a time when people are being forced to limit their movements, that their utilities at home are not interrupted.  

The City of Lake Worth Beach provides both Electric and Water services to our residents as well as to people living in our service area outside the City jurisdictional limits.  This includes sections of the Village of Palm Springs and unincorporated Palm Beach County.  The suspension of the disconnections will also apply to these customers.  Customers who are behind in payments for 72 days will not receive a disconnection notice, and their services will not be physically turned off, however the balance will compound on their next bill.  It is important to note that the past due amounts and the amounts incurred during the suspension are not being waived and that the customer should not delay contacting Utility Billing to arrange for partial payments if possible.  They can call 561 533 7300 or go online to

Lake Worth Beach Electric Utilities and Water Utilities are citizen owned and our owners are our customers.  We are committed to continuing to provide reliable electrical service and clean and safe drinking water and sewer services.  Working together and helping our customers through this difficult time is a priority.

The City of Lake Worth Beach will continue to work with residents and businesses effected by the current pandemic to explore opportunities to assist them through this trying time.

The City urges the public to monitor the City Website ( for up-to-date information. In addition the public should follow the City’s Social Media channels for further information.

The Florida Department of Health has established a dedicated Coronavirus (COVID­19) call center (1-866-779-6121) for the public to call 24 hours a day. In addition, the public can email for information.

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