Lake Worth Beach
Lake Worth Beach

PRESS RELEASE: Lake Worth Beach & Path to College Launch Census 2020 Student Task Force

Lake Worth Beach, FL — At 9am on February 28th Path to College in partnership with the City of Lake Worth Beach and Census 2020 will be launching a Student Task Force to inform local families and neighbors about the Census. Student volunteers will receive training at the Osborne Center and all who take part will receive Service Hours for their time.

Every decade, the U.S. Census Bureau counts America’s population and uses the data to distribute federal funds to communities. Those dollars are counted for each resident to support our schools, hospitals, roads, and improve our quality of life. Ten years ago, Lake Worth Beach missed out on $220 Million due to an incomplete count. This year the City is partnering with a wide reaching Complete Count Committee made up of community organizations and influencers, such as Path to College, to ensure that every Lake Worth Beach resident joins the count!

Path to College helps driven students from struggling communities go to top tier universities, debt-free.

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