Lake Worth Beach
Lake Worth Beach

PRESS RELEASE: 15th Annual Festival of Trees in Lake Worth Beach

Lake Worth Beach, FL — Lake Worth Beaches’ Arbor Day will be celebrated at the 15th Annual Lake Worth Festival of Trees.  The Festival takes place Saturday, March 14 2020 from 4 pm to 8 pm at the Cultural Plaza at 414 Lake Avenue.  The 2020 Festival theme is “Trees Hug Carbon”.  Admission is free; everyone is welcome.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to bring the family for this fun and educational event that will feature environmental displays, a wildlife demonstration, native plant vendors, and more.  All city residents who attend and sign-in will have their name entered in a free raffle for the chance to win a Native shade tree including consultation and planting by city horticulturist Dave Mcgrew (Note: One ticket per residence).

Trees have multiple benefits including shading and evaporative cooling which can cut residential air-conditioning costs by 20% or more.  The city’s goal is to increase the overall tree canopy which was decimated by the hurricanes in 2004-5.  Long-time residents of South Florida know the value of the shade provided by a full tree canopy in summer where the temperature may be 6-8 degrees cooler than an area exposed to full sun. This year’s theme ‘Trees Hug Carbon” highlights the fact that trees reduce the overall concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere through a process called sequestration. The purpose of the festival is to encourage homeowners to learn about native shade trees and plant one in their yard. Spend late afternoon and early evening at the tree festival; then head to Lake Worth Beach’s cute and quirky downtown for a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants.

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