Vehicle Immobilization & Booting

Any vehicle with three (3) or more unpaid citations over 15 days old is eligible to have the vehicle immobilized/booted when parked on City of Lake Worth Beach property, including parking lots in accordance with section 21 of the City municipal code. When this occurs the vehicle will have a notice placed on it with an explanation detailing the boot and how and where to pay the citations to obtain the boot release.

To pay the citations, including the citation for the immobilization fee go to 414 Lake Avenue, to the Parking Office/Cashier or to Once paid, keep the receipt to show the Parking Officer or Tow Operator. For a boot release after business hours call 561-533-5573 to the Tow Company who will charge a $35.00 after hours fee and do the release upon showing them the paid receipt. For information or a release call the Parking Office during business hours at 561-533-7383.


Vehicles illegally parked on City of Lake Worth Beach, Florida property will be towed by Priority Towing or Steve’s Towing at the owner’s expense. To recover your vehicle you will need to contact:

  • Priority Towing 561-533-5573 714 Barnett Drive, Lake Worth Beach, Florida 33460 or:
  • Steve’s Towing 561-588-8386 305 S. H Street, Lake Worth Beach, Florida 33460.

You will be required to pay the tow fee(s) and any citation fees when recovering the vehicle. The City of Lake Worth Beach, Florida assumes no responsibility for theft of or damage to any vehicle towed.

To request a hearing regarding a vehicle being towed by Parking Enforcement (24 Hour Notice) please submit an Impoundment Hearing Notice.

Abandoned Bicycles

City ordinance Chapter 8 of the City municipal code states any bicycle left over 48 hours is considered abandoned. Report an abandoned bicycle on City of Lake Worth Beach, Florida public property (sidewalk, street sign, bike rack, etc.). If you know of a bicycle that has been left on a public right-of-way for more than 48 hours, please call parking office at (561) 533-7383.

To inquire about an abandoned bicycle contact the Parking Division at (561) 533-7383.

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