Lake Worth Beach
Lake Worth Beach

Message from Mayor Triolo

As Mayor I wanted to let you know that the City of Lake Worth Beach is doing all we can to deal with the Covid19 Pandemic.  The Commission and the City staff are working nonstop to meet the needs and address the concerns of all our citizens.  
Unfortunately, what transpired at Thursday’s emergency Commission meeting has become a focal point that is overshadowing all the good that is being done here in the City.
There were things said between Commissioner Hardy and myself during the meeting and during the recess, both on and off camera, that created a lot of undue stress and emotion. I was very upset about what I perceived as bullying and unnecessary attacks on the Commission and our processes by Commissioner Hardy. I was also concerned about how the issue of the suspension of utility disconnections was being inaccurately portrayed.  
To be clear, no one is being denied Water, Sewer or Electric service as disconnections had been suspended starting on Wednesday March 18th. Most accounts disconnected in the transition period were reconnected that day and all late fees and reconnection fees are being reversed. Commissioner Hardy was aware of this before the meeting.
During the meeting I believed the credibility of the Commission and the City staff was under attack, and while I took the right action, I apologize for the way it had to be done.  
I encourage Commissioner Hardy to join me in examining our interactions in the public and to come back together in a united front to deal with the current crisis.  That should be the focus, and regardless of differences of opinion we must lead by example and where we must disagree, do so without being disagreeable. 

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