Mission Statement

The City of Lake Worth Beach is a City of Neighborhoods committed to provide the highest quality of public service through a commitment to integrity, hard work and a friendly attitude. Through mutual collaboration and inclusion of the residents and the business community, we will foster safer neighborhoods, encourage community pride, build a vibrant and diverse economy, plan thoughtfully for the future, and preserve and enhance our natural, historical and cultural environment.

Vision Statement

Bold and Beautiful

Exciting & Enthusiastic

Ambitious & Artsy

Compassionate & Confident


Core Values

Team Work

“Team work makes the dream work”.  A group of people coming together to accomplish a common goal/dream.  Working together; sharing a commission vision, using clearly defined goals and objectives to achieve a goal.


Doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason.  Supporting the code of interpersonal behavior/norms considered right or acceptable in society.

Accountability and Transparency

Responsibility for results.  Accepting and admitting to mistakes and failures = Growth without fear and by developing a culture of openness.

Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

Embracing new technologies and ideas to improve our community within a diverse workforce.

Honesty and Integrity

Be authentic; transparent.  A refusal to lie, steal, or deceive in any way. Strong moral principles.


Positioning Lake Worth Beach to be a competitive viable location of choice

  1. Ensure effective economic development incentives and zones
  2. Adopt and implement clear, concise, consistent, predictable and unified rules, regulations and processes
  3. Optimize business district traffic patterns and parking assessments
  4. Foster the assessment and planning for City owned assets including beach, golf and marina
  5. Provide superior public amenities and services to retain existing and entice new residents and businesses

Strengthening Lake Worth Beach as a ‘Community of Neighborhoods’

  1. Diversify housing options
  2. Continue crime reduction and prevention in achieving a safe, livable and friendly community
  3. Sustain infrastructure investments
  4. Preserve the character and protect historic resources
  5. Deliver sustainable indoor-outdoor leisure opportunities (Parks and Open Spaces)
  6. Collaborate with schools to foster rich, diverse and culturally enriching educational opportunities for all

Celebrating the unique, historical, coastal and cultural diversity of the City

  1. Expand branding and marketing outreach as the central Palm Beach County location for ‘Live, Learn, Work and Play’ within a culturally diverse, artistically vibrant, historically authentic, and intrinsically Old Florida Beach Community
  2. Preserve, Restore, Repurpose, and Activate Historic City Owned Assets
  3. Encourage tourism by increasing options for visitors to stay and experience the city
  4. Inspire arts and culture through City events and programs

Navigating towards a sustainable community

  1. Achieve economic and financial sustainability through a versatile and stable tax base
  2. Focus on technology innovations to support sustainable development, improve resilience, meet residents’ expectations and attract investment, new business and talent
  3. Facilitate environmental sustainability through infrastructure investments, environmental resiliency, capital improvement planning, training, and regional partnership and planning
  4. Influence the supply and expansion of jobs
  5. Ensure facility placement, construction and development that anticipates and embraces the future
  6. Support Improve emergency preparedness to build resiliency and ensure recovery from natural and manmade disasters

Affirming Government for All

  1. Ensure effective, efficient, consistent and seamless services that exceed customer expectations
  2. Establish a workplace culture of high performance, continuous improvement, and human-centered innovation that encourages employee growth and collaboration
  3. Strengthen state of the art, standardized, and repeatable processes
  4. Maximize technology to enhance efficiency, productivity, security and convenience
  5. Support and foster an environment of inclusion and social consciousness