Listen to local news and check social media for updates on when services will resume.

Our first priority will be to collect garbage.

  • Debris must be separated at the curb into different piles:Household Garbage (in black container only), Recycling (in bins), Vegetation Debris, and Bulk Waste/Structural Debris.
  • Do NOT place any debris near or on a fence, mailbox, power line equipment, poles, transformers, downed electrical wiring, water meters, fire hydrants, or storm drains.
  • Be prepared to repair possible damage to swale areas from the specialized equipment used to collect storm debris.

Our staff and contractors cannot help bring debris to the curb.Ask neighbors to assist or you will have to hire someone at your own expense.

Please be patient! Depending on the severity of the storm, it may take several weeks before we can start removing yard waste and debris.

For more information, call the City of Lake Worth Beach Solid Waste and Recycling Division Customer Service.

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