Flood Warning System

Flood watches (when conditions are right for flooding) and flood warnings (flooding is imminent) will be issued by local television and radio station

In the event of a major hurricane threatens Palm Beach County, many low-lying coastal areas would be inundated to varying depths by the storm surge and exceptionally high tides which accompany the storm. Tides 3-4′ above normal could occur 24-36 hours before the “EYE” of the hurricane reaches the coastline. Many mainland coastal roads could be inundated well in advance of the storm’s arrival, thus restricting or denying their use as evacuation routes.

Persons living or working in these areas should be prepared to evacuate as soon as hurricane warnings are announced and seek shelter in hotels or motels, an American Red Cross shelter, or in a friend’s or relative’s home. Evacuation should be completed early to avoid gale force winds and heavy rains that precede the storm’s arrival.

Visit: Palm Beach County Emergency Management System S.A.M.S. (Surge Area Mapping System)

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