Serious injury can result for anyone dealing with the aftermath of a major storm, hurricane, tornado, or other disaster.

  • Be aware of outdoor hazards. Watch out for loose or dangling power lines, and report them immediately to proper authorities. It is not unusual in a disaster such as this for more people to be killed by carelessness in the aftermath than were killed by the event itself.
  • Be sure all electric and gas services are turned off before entering buildings for the first time.
  • Disconnect the main switch and all circuits.
  • Remove covers from all outlets and fuses or multi-breaker boxes and flush with clean water. Let dry and spray with contact cleaner/ lubricant.
  • Watch for electrical shorts or live wires. Don’t turn on any lights or appliances until an electrician has checked the system for short circuits.
  • Electric motors in appliances that have been flooded should be thoroughly cleaned and reconditioned before they are put back into service.
  • Cut off all electrical circuits at the fuse panel or disconnect all electrical appliances.

Local Additional Information

Additional information may be obtained from the Palm Beach County’s Office of Emergency Management (561.712.6400). That office also maintains an Emergency Management webpage.

Palm Beach County is the lead agency in hurricane responses and is responsible for ordering evacuations when required.

If you live or have a business in the City of Lake Worth Beach and you’d like to know what flood zone you are in call 561.586.1647

whats mine whats yours

Electric Utility Hurricane Advice

Following a hurricane one aspect of recovery that is at the top of
everyone’s list is the restoration of power, yet even after power
returns to your neighbor you may still be without power due to
damage to your service line. To ensure that your power can be
restored rapidly use the diagram below to visually inspect your
service line after a storm has passed and check that all aspects
marked as yours appear undamaged. If there are any signs of
damage, such as pieces hanging off your home, then call a licensed
and insured electrician immediately to handle the repair. Do NOT
attempt to make repairs yourself or touch any part of the electric
service as this could be extremely dangerous!

Following a storm electric crews will be looking to restore power to
the most people in the quickest period of time, this means that if
there is damage to your service that is in the “What’s Yours” category,
they will cut your service line and move on until you have had the
repairs done. This could add long delays to the restoration of your
power. Following the above advice will allow you to be ready for
restoration at the same time as your neighbors.

Take note now before a storm that if you have trees or foliage
interfering with the service wire it is your responsibility to hire a
professional to safely trim them to provide clearance (minimum 8ft
on all sides of) the service wire. Please contact the Electric Utility to
schedule a convenient time for you, for the Electric Utility to come
and safely Disconnect and Reconnect the Service line, so that your
trees can be trimmed safely. Trees affecting wires between poles are
the responsibility of Lake Worth Electric Utility.

Post Hurricane outages are always inconvenient but by working
together we can reduce the length of time the outage
inconveniences you.

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