General Information


  • Reservations must be made 14 days in advance of event date.
  • Request for the rental of the Casino Ballroom, Terraces or Beach weddings may be
  • Made up to eighteen (18) months in advance. A 50% deposit and signed contract is required on all rentals to reserve the space.
  • Ballroom Capacity: 200 Classroom Style & 200 Banquet.


  • The ballroom and terraces are available for rent Monday through Thursday 9 am – 10 pm; Friday and
  • Saturday 9 am – 1 am and Sunday 12 pm – 11 pm. The ballroom and terraces are available to rent 365 days a year, beach weddings and courtyard are subject to black-out dates and special events. The Lessee only has access to the ballroom for the times and dates as outlined in their contract.


  • All load in/load-out and cleaning is to be done during the hours rented. Each additional hour over the contracted time will be charged accordingly. The main gate at Ocean Drive closes nightly at the above times, all attendees and vendors must be out by the time the gate is closed.
  • Load in/load out must take place at the North end dock area located behind Mulligan’s Restaurant.
  • Please do not park on the striped lines outside of the dumpster area. Deliveries may be made at the front entrance but cannot disrupt traffic flow or exceed more than 15 minutes. Hazard lights must be kept on for the duration of load in/load out. Vendor load in/load out passes must be displayed at all times. All vehicles must be moved after load-in.


  • City of Lake Worth Beach residents are encouraged to rent the facilities. Discounted pricing for all residents is designated on the pricing sheets. A City of Lake Worth Beach utility bill and valid photo ID is required to receive the special discount. To qualify for the discount Lessee’s must reside within the City of Lake Worth Beach & have one of the following zip codes: 33460, 33461. Residents of Atlantis, Lantana or Greenacres do not qualify for the discount.


  • Florida Non-profit organizations will receive a discount for the Lake Worth Beach Casino Ballroom. A valid non-profit tax certification letter is required to receive the discount.


All contract revisions need to be done no later than fifteen (15) business days prior to your event.


  • All caterers must be fully licensed, provide liability insurance as outlined in the LESSEE’s contract, and pay a kitchen rental fee. Additionally, the caterer and/or LESSEE must clean the kitchen and full rental space or an additional $1,000 fee will be incurred (see LESSEE’s rental agreement).

It is the responsibility of the lessee to provide their own food preparations, serving dishes, plates, linens, utensils and other items. The kitchen and its contents must be left in the same condition in which it was found. Cooking is not permitted outside of the kitchen. Lessee will be charged a $250.00 fine for setting off the fire alarm. All coffee brewing must be done inside the kitch

Fire Alarm/Sprinkler System
  • If the lessee, vendor or guest sets off the sprinkler or alarm the lessee may be held responsible for any costs which result.
  • Alcohol service at the Casino Ballroom, Terrace and Intracoastal Courtyard is allowed through City of
  • Lake worth Beach Code of Ordinances. All alcohol must be served by a professional by either a host bar or cash bar or combination of both. Each of the service providers will be required to provide liability insurance as outlined in the LESSEE’s contract. The said certificate copy/insurance compliance form or request for city insurance must be on file within 60 days of the event.
  • Alcohol service must end one half hour prior to the event closing time in order to comply with the facility closing hours. Parties serving alcohol to twenty-five (25) guests or more are also required to hire PBSO as event security. PBSO must be hired from the time that alcohol is served until the end of the lessee’s contract time with the Lake Worth Beach Casino. Alcohol on the beach is prohibited. Kegs are prohibited.
  • All events that are primarily attended by minors (anyone under 19 years of age or younger) are required by the City of Lake Worth Beach to have a minimum of one PBSO Officer during ALL operating hours of each event. PBSO will determine the amount of officers and location of each officer based on guest count and location of each event. Such event examples include Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s, Quince’s, Prom, Graduation Parties etc.
  • ALL Parties serving alcohol to twenty-five (25) guests or more are also required to hire PBSO as event security.
  • PBSO must be hired from the beginning of the party until the end of the lessee’s contract time with the Lake Worth Beach Casino.
  • LESSEE shall, at its sole cost and expense, procure and maintain through the term of this lease, the following insurance:
  • Comprehensive General Liability – insurance against claims for bodily injury or death and property damage occurring in or upon or resulting from the premises leased hereunder, such insurance afford Immediate protection to the limit of not less than $1,000,000 (one million dollars). Such insurance shall include Blanket Contractual Liability coverage and Independent Contractors Liability, which insures contractual liability under the indemnification of Operator by Licensee, set forth above.
  • If parties are serving alcohol; Alcohol Liability needs to be covered on the insurance policy as well.
  • The General Liability Certificate should name City of Lake Worth Beach, the City of Lake Worth Beach Casino Building and all officers, directors, agents and employees thereof as additionally insured.
  • The said certificate copy/insurance compliance form or request for city insurance must be on file within 60 days of the event. If you/or your caterer does not have the proper insurance, we can sell you a special event TULIP policy that will cover you for liability during the event – this includes alcohol liability.
  • Damage deposits are bundled with the final balance and are due fifteen (15) business days prior to your event date. The City of Lake Worth Beach Finance Department will mail a refund check after a damage deposit
  • Request has been submitted by City Staff. Please expect fifteen (15) business days for all security deposit refunds to be returned. Late payments will result in a delay of your refund (up to 30 Days). The refund check will mailed to the name and address listed on the contract.
  • Decoration is allowed in the ballroom. No tape, glue, nails or tacks are allowed on the walls, floor or ceilings. USE OF CONFETTI, RICE, BIRD SEED, BUBBLES, GLITTER OR OTHER TYPES OF MATERIALS ARE PROHIBITED
  • INSIDE THE BUILDING. Said use is subject to a $1,000 cleaning fee. Bird seed or bubbles may be used on the beach, on the Intracoastal Courtyard or on the outside terraces. The Casino and Casino Staff are not responsible for any items left on property.
  • Candles are allowed but must be encased in glass and be self-extinguishing. All décor must be approved by OPERATOR in advance. LESSEE is responsible for all set up, take down and clean-up of decoration.
  • Tents that are under 120 sq. feet area allowed. Tents over 120 sq. feet require a permit by the City of Lake Worth Beach; 30 days advance notice is suggested. All tents are to be weighted, not staked.
  • Bounce Houses, Inflatable’s, etc. Are allowed outdoors with verification and copy of vendor’s liability insurance as outlined in the LESSEE’s contract.
  • All furniture brought into the ballroom must have felt tips on the bottoms.
  • Balloons, Sparklers, Fireworks and Chinese Lanterns are prohibited on the property.
  • Signage for events must be approved by OPERATOR and must be on stands, easels, or other temporary structures. Banners or signs cannot be hung or placed on the building; nor placed in road ways, or on any existing sign posts. Sets, scenery, exhibit material, etc, shall be of flameproof material and conform to the Fire Prevention Code of the State of Florida. A copy of the Fire Prevention Codes is available upon request.
  • Directional signage is allowed and must be approved in advance. All costs must be paid by LESSEE and must be taken down immediately after events.
  • DJ’s, live music, dancers, etc. are allowed for any events inside or outside the building. Event or meeting locations will dictate the size and type of music functions allowed. All music must pertain to City of Lake Worth Beach sound ordinances and must end by 11 pm Monday – Wednesday, 12 midnight
  • Thursday – Saturday and 10 pm on Sunday. All outdoor music must be approved by OPERATOR and are subject to approval by other CASINO building tenants.
  • There are over 600 parking spaces open to the public at a rate of $2 per hour. City of Lake Worth Beach
  • Residents with valid decals can park in designated parking areas for free. LESSEE’s may pre purchase parking passes for their guests at a rate of $2 per hour with a minimum 2 hour rental/12 hour Maximum. Should parking passes be pre-purchased the parking department will rope off the parking spots for the event. Should parking passes not be pre-purchased; parking spots will not be roped off and will be first come first serve. Please inquire for a quote.
  • Parking passes will not be sold on Holidays or Holiday weekends. Trailers are prohibited on Casino property. All trailers must park at Old Bridge Park.
  • Smoking, tobacco products and electronic cigarettes are prohibited inside the Casino Ballroom, restrooms, kitchens and stair-wells. A designated outdoor smoking area will be designated for all Casino events. No drugs will be allowed on-site at any time.
  • The LESSEE is responsible for all trash and waste removal. Trash receptacles and dumpsters are located on the north end of the property behind Mulligan’s Restaurant. All waste receptacles must be cleaned and returned. Renter must provide their own garbage bags. LESSEE is responsible for excessive trash and waste in second floor restrooms. If above standards are not met, a $1,000 cleaning fee may be imposed at the discretion of OPERATOR. Photos may be taken to prove failure to comply.
  • Should lightning be detected within an approximate seven (7) mile radius of the Casino Building, the detection system, Thor-Guard, will sound once to indicate that all outdoor participants at my event
  • Should evacuate the outdoors and seek shelter indoors immediately. As LESSEE for said event, I agree to be responsible for advising my guests to seek shelter indoors until the Thor Guard system sounds three (3) times in rapid succession, which denotes that lightning has left the area.
  • Children and children’s events are welcome. Groups composed of youths aged 17 and younger require adult supervision at a ratio of one (1) adult to every ten (10) youth at all times.
  • No pets are allowed on the beach, or in the Casino building at any time, with the exception of Service Animals.
  • Storage space is not available for groups using the facility. All items for set up such as rentals (linens, plates, and napkins), décor, arches etc… are to be brought to the facility on the day of the scheduled event. All items must be taken home the same day as well.
  • Please Note: These are public spaces. The general public may be present during Casino Complex operating hours. The Beach, Terrace and Courtyard are all outdoor ceremony locations. Please plan for weather accordingly.
  • Beach weddings must be conducted in space allocated and approved by OPERATOR in advance. The City is not responsible for beach erosion, high-tide, trash, and patrons on the beach or inclement weather. Additional lighting or flame may not be brought on the beach at any time March – November. 100 white resin fold out chairs are included in all beach wedding rentals.
  • The Casino reserves the right to post photos taken of all events held at the Lake Worth Beach Casino on social media, websites and marketing materials.
  • No retail sales, food and beverage sales, tobacco sales, etc will be allowed at any time without express written permission.
  • No roads on beachfront property can be closed or blocked at any time without prior City of Lake Worth Beach and PBSO approval.
  • The City and its agents and staff will not be liable should anything on property belonging to the event organizer and their event sponsors, vendors or guests be stolen, misplaced or damaged.
  • No pets are allowed on the beach, or in the Casino building at any time, with the exception of service animals. Weapons, outside alcohol, gambling, skateboards, balloons, open flame or fires or fireworks, sparklers/Chinese lanterns are prohibited at all times.
  • Special group rates are available at the City of Lake Worth Beach Golf Club. Attendees who desire to play golf should contact the Golf Course directly at 561-582-9713.

Safety & Covid-19

Cloth face coverings are an additional step to help slow the spread of COVID-19 when combined with every day preventive actions and #socialdistancing in public settings. #MasksonLWB